About Susan Enjema Aweh

10 Nov 1978 – 24 Dec 2018

A woman who was on a mission to empower individuals and communities to attain the quality of life through health education using the fast-growing digital and internet era as a tool to create an independent and always available informative resource for patients and victims in times of lack of care and a shortage of medical professionals especially in developing countries.  She was on a mission to offer a wide range of easy-to-understand medical knowledge from all fieldsthus to foster preventive medicine as well as to facilitate doctor-patient-dialogue, to make it easier and more effective.

Her aim was to make a  difference, bridge a gap and create awareness.

She loved to meducate you

Who was Susan?

Susan Enjema Aweh alias Dr. SEA was a specialist consultant in internal medicine and a cardiologist. She had a passion for empowerment, education and health care. Thus her feet were firmly planted in various projects geared towards community development.

She was the founder and blogger of “a Sister in Germany”; an inspirational website on Africans in Germany. She was also a board member of various organizations like CAMFOMEDICS, African Tide Union and The Iya Foundation, iMED Academy, Ask Docta!


Awards & Recognitions

2017:  Awardee of SOBA Foundation Award of Excellence
2016:  featured on Sonne Magazine’s list of  20 Women of Excellence
2015: African Person of the Year Germany by African Heritage Magazine
2015: Winner Cameroon Career Women Award in Medicine
2014 voted one of 100 most influential Africans in Germany by African Heritage Magazine.
2013 and 2014: CAMFOMEDICS Academy Award for being part of a team of doctors who launched a Continues Medical Education Academy “iMED” in September 2012 for medical professionals in Cameroon.
2007:  Winner DAAD Prize of Excellence for academics and socio-political engagement.

Susan’s Biography

On the 10th of November 1978 in Buea, Chief Felix Oniavi Olayebi Aweh and Frida Evenye Aweh were blessed with a beautiful angel named Enjema Susan Ozofu Aweh; the 8th of their 10 children.

She was raised in Mutengene, completed her nursery and primary education in Presbyterian Nursery and Primary School Mutengene respectively. She later went to Saker Baptist College, Limbe where she spent 7 years and achieved her secondary and high school certificates. At a tender age, of 2 ½ years, she asked her siblings to call her Dr. Aweh. Because of her competitive, intelligent and very smart personality she earned the title Dr. Sea in college even before she decided to do medicine.

After graduating from high school, She was admitted into the University of Buea, Cameroon to study BioChemistry. She later decided to embark on a life journey to Germany far away from home leaving behind her family and friends to pursue her passion for medicine. While in Germany she studied medicine at the University of Magdeburg, where she graduated and later on specialized in Internal Medicine.

She was going to take the board exams to be specialized in Cardiology but the Lord had a different plan for her.

Susan then practiced in a number of hospitals in Dusseldorf, Essen, and Augsburg which was her last place of residence. Enjema loved her job and was so passionate about it. Even between her breaks, she volunteered in Cameroon with CAMFOMEDICS, “German Cameroonian Medical Forum” and even went as far as Ghana to render her services to the underprivileged.

While as a student in Magdeburg, Susan started blogging about her experiences as a young Cameroonian girl who migrated to Germany to pursue her dreams. She later called her blog “A-Sister-In-Germany”. She used the blog to encourage other young black girls and boys who migrated abroad to always concentrate on their goals and she used examples of other trailblazers who had come before them and succeeded despite all the stumbling blocks.

As a medical professional Susan was an active member of CAMFOMEDICS, The German Cameroonian Medical Society. She was Co-Manager and one of the First Faculty Members of the iMED-Academy (International Medical Academy) created by CAMFOMEDICS in 2013. The International Medical Academy (iMED), is a smart Training Academy of Health Care Professionals in Cameroon with the goal of improving medical education through diaspora engagement and today iMED provides refresher seminars, conferences and skill development workshops in Hospitals and Medical Institutions like the Medical Faculty University of Buea. As Co-Manager and Faculty member of iMED She will regularly take time off work and travel to Cameroon to organize seminars, teach and even work in the hospitals. After establishing iMED-Academy she played a big role in Acquiring Funds for the Academy to run its activities. Because of her Charisma and Eloquence, she acted like Ambassador of CAMFOMEDICS, by representing and presenting the Association in International Meetings in Germany, UK, and Cameroon. These Commitments did not go unnoticed. She received among other awards the CAMFOMEDICS iMED-Award and iMED-Faculty Award. You will find an extract of her activities in CAMFOMEDICS in the following presentation.

Dr. Sea’s passion for healthcare later became what we know as “Dr. SEA Initiative” today. With this she utilized social media bringing simple medical education to the masses all over the world. She had weekly health topics she termed “Mid-week Quiz” she will share videos that she recorded and edited on topics ranging from CPR to major health issues like life after stroke via her YouTube channel, her website www.doktorsea.com and Dr.SEA Initiative Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram accounts

Dr. Sea, A-Sister-in-Germany will forever be remembered by her devoted sisters and brothers and treasured nephews and nieces, along with countless friends and family who were blessed to know her and have her in their lives. Her audience knew her as the “Pidgin Docta and her Bokwai bible verses” but her family knew her as that “Pikin weh like for find palava”. She was such a patient, empathic and vibrant person who loved dancing, laughing, being with her family having fun, spending time with friends, educating people on health issues which she called “Meducate”. Above all, she loved life and lived it purposefully till the end. Susan touched the lives of so many people with her Dr. Sea initiative. She was our “Minister of Enjoyment” in the family, and always found a way to connect with everyone.

On 24th of December 2018, after her battle with breast cancer, Susan passed on to glory. Though she is no more physically with us her memories will live forever and forever be in our hearts.

“Allow time to teach you. Time is an excellent teacher and time never fails. Time will teach you who is in your life to stay, and who’s in your life for a season. Time will teach you what’s truly important and what’s merely an illusion. Time will teach you there’s a reason for what happened and when it happened. Time will teach you that what you think is a setback, is really a blessing in disguise.”

Providing Love In Hard Times

As we mourn Susan, let’s us also take time to eternalize some of our experiences with her. You can leave a word or two and pay homage to her here. We thank you all for the outpour of continuous spiritual, moral and financial support.

On behalf of the Aweh Family

Thank You.

Let’s bid our sister in Germany, our doctor for all causes, our Bokwai queen goodbye